Dr. Urvashi Inamdar is a yoga instructor and dietitian/nutritionist, with a practice in alternative medicine and therapy, as well as a specialist in cardiac rehabilitation, clinical metal toxicology and Ozonicair. Dr. Inamdar holds doctorates in alternate medicine, naturopathy, nutrition and yoga, for which she stood second in India and first in Gujarat.

Dr. Urvashi has been working since 1992 as a yoga and pranayam exponent, and since 1994 in alternative medicine. Through this work, she has helped cure many diseases in patients who were deemed “incurable”.

Dr. Urvashi has taught numerous workshops in yoga, pranayama, and mind-body health around the world, including in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries, as well as Dubai. She has also conducted classes and lectures in numerous institutions, health clubs and ashrams in Gujarat and Mumbai. Additionally, she has written two books on yoga, “Ultimate Truth” and “Treasure of Happiness.”

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