Frequently Asked Questions

About the IYF

How can I register for IYF 2021?

Click here to register for IYF 2021!.   Eventbrite is the ONLY way to purchase tickets for Parmarth Niketan’s International Yoga Festival 2021. Our official correspondence is only through

Where is IYF held?

The International Yoga Festival is held this year virtually online. All registrants can access 12+ hours of programming a day for the 7 days of this year’s IYF.

What time will the ONLINE IYF 2021 be?

IYF classes will be livestreaming from 7am Eastern US Time – 8:30pm Eastern US Time this year. However, classes will be available for restreaming at any time for 3 months following the festival, so you don’t have to be on Eastern US Time to enjoy the full festival!

What styles of yoga will be taught at IYF?

Every year we have more than 70+ hours of yoga classes, taught by renowned teachers from around the world practicing multiple styles of Yoga including Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Hatha Yoga.  To see the full list of IYF 2021’s presenters, click here.

Where can I find the schedule?

Do I need to attend every class?

While we encourage you to participate fully in the Festival, attendance is optional.


About Registering for IYF

What is included with my ticket?

All registrants can access 12+ hours of programming a day for the 7 days of this year’s IYF.

Can I purchase tickets for a specific day?

There is 1 ticket option for $99, which is valid for all 7 days. Currently, there is no registration cut-off.

Are there discounts for group bookings?

Due to the event being virtual, no group discounts are offered this year.

I have received a higher charge on my card than expected.

International transaction fees may apply. Please check with your banking institution.

I am getting an error when inputting my card details.

Some credit cards/banks won’t allow transactions in a different currency. Many times this is an effort for the banking institution to prevent fraud, or simply because it costs a lot to do it. Please check with your bank to be sure you’re able to make international transactions with your card.


How can I donate to the ashram?

You can make an additional donation to the Ashram when booking your IYF pass.

Where can I give feedback for future International Yoga Festivals?

We will be giving out a Feedback link during the festival. Please keep your mind open to improvement, and complete the form.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be available this year. You can also transfer your ticket to another person, at no charge, before March 7, 2021. Ticket transfers are not possible after this date.

Terms and Conditions

All fees are per person / per registration. Parmarth Niketan and it’s representatives shall be not held liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity that may be occasioned for any reason by guests attending IYF, including but not limited to: death, personal injury, illness, delay or cancellation of scheduled performances and loss of or damage to personal property. All participants grant the International Yoga Festival & Parmarth Niketan the rights to utilise the participant’s image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, film, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event in any medium or context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorisation or compensation.