Swami Anand Giri Ji is a spiritual leader committed to serving the society & inspiring people through his work & wisdom.

As a friend, philosopher & guide he has led his followers through Vedic teachings & helped them find their purpose & identity.

Spiritual Calling

Swamiji got his spiritual calling at the age of 12 & under the tutelage of his Guru Sri Narendra Giri Ji Maharaj he set out on the path of self-realisation & was initiated into Sanyaas Dharma. He spent most of his formative years at Kedar, Himalayas at Tungnath, Rudranath, Kalpeshwar, Madmaheshwar, Triyogi Narayan & Vasukital where under Girijanand Saraswati Maharaj he took Shiksha in Vedas & Ayurveda. Swamiji took his Yoga Shiksha at Yoga Niketan Dham at Rishikesh under the aegis of Mahamandeleshwar Vishwa Guru Ji Maharaj.

Well versed in Sanskrit Grammar, Ayurveda & Vedic Philosophies, Swamiji has taught:

  • Mantrayoga: Attainting realisation through mantras
  • Hathayoga: Attaining realisation through practice – Physical & Mental process & Meditation
  • Rajyoga: Attaining realisation through meditation
  • Bhaktiyog: Attaining realisation through devotion
  • Jnanayoga: Attaining realisation through knowledge
  • Karmayoga: Attaining realisation through actions

Due to his sharp intellect & spiritual perception, he is known as ‘Anand Giri’ meaning rebirth of the ‘Aashirvad’. Swamiji is currently dedicated in the service of Bade Hanuman Temple at Prayag, Allahabad & Math Baghambri Gaddi alongwith his Guru.

Avid Learner

Swamiji’s quest for knowledge did not stop at acquiring Vedic knowledge. He completed his Graduation from Banaras Hindu University & is currently completing his Ph.D in Yoga Tantra.

A Gifted Speaker

Swamiji through his study of karma & spiritual laws has been guiding people on life issues. Swamiji is a guest lecturer at 6 Universities & has been regularly invited to schools/ colleges to guide & inspire youth to be become change agents to society. He has been invited by various corporates to guide people to become socially responsible citizens. Swamiji’s programmes on Self Realisation provide vision & direction to the people who are enmeshed in self-doubt due to the expectations from society. Swamiji travels worldwide to US, UK, Europe, South East Asia, Turkey, Kazakhstan & has been conducting discourses on social, cultural & humanitarian issues.

Service to Others

Swamiji has been able to motivate people from all walks of life- intellectuals, social workers, community to work for moral values, social harmony & social discipline. He is a pioneer in driving the ‘Ganga Seva’ campaign that aims to make Ganga clean & pollution free. Swamiji has also been conducting various Yoga workshops enabling people lead a balanced & stress- free life. Swamji envisions setting up an International level Gurukul that would teach Vedanta, Sanskrit & our culture to the people at large.


Swamiji has authored a Book ‘Swarn Bhoomi Prayag’ which was released in 2013 at the Kumbh Mela. The book highlights the history of Prayag (Allahabad), its cultural significance & its transformation to date.


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