Yujia is a yoga teacher from mainland China, and his name has the same pronunciation as “Yoga” in Chinese. He has practiced Chinese martial arts and Qi Gong since he was a child, and later learned Indian yoga. Therefore, he perfectly combines Indian yoga with Chinese Qigong. As a yogi, he spends half the year on lecture tours all over China, and the other half on study tour around the world. In Mainland China, he mostly gives workshops focusing on Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Prior to becoming a yoga teacher, Yujia had more than a decade of experience in multinational enterprise management as a CEO, and he was Chairman of a management consulting company.
After stepping into the field of yoga, Yu has managed several yoga studios, visited thousands of yoga studios, and communicated with thousands of yoga practitioners. In addition to yoga, Yu also likes tea, reading, music, cuisine and gardening, and he understands all these paths are in the end connected. He later created “Yujia Yoga Sanctuary” as a yoga business model based on his own philosophy, with an aim of developing a yoga center integrating yoga, tea, gardening, reading, Vegetarian diet and music. Now “Yujia Yoga Sanctuary” has spread and expanded with more than 20 chained centers in China.

Yu is very dedicated to writing and is the author of the several books: “Yin Yoga”, “Yoga 365 Days”, “Yin Yoga’s Introducer”, “The Yoga Sutra” (in Galois Sanskrit version), “The Gita” (in Galois Sanskrit version), “Iyengar Proverbs” (Compiled and translated by Yu Jia), and “Yoga English 900 sentences.” Amongst those, “Yin Yoga” is the best seller in the country, and is considered a “must have” of Yin yoga teachers and practitioners.

In recent years, Yu has been invited to Pokhara (Nepal) Yoga and Healing Conference and Chiang Mai (Thailand) International Yoga Festival, where he is the only Chinese teacher being invited. He was also invited in 2016 Indian International Yoga Festival Chinese Day as a guest teacher.

His vision is to serve as a bridge, to bring yoga from India and European/America countries to China, and to transmit China’s Qigong healing therapy to the world.

In the 2019 International Yoga Festival, he will share with all yogis Yin Yoga and Yoga of Chinese Dao.

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