Nrityavali is derived out of the Indian words “Nritya” and “Avali”. Nritya means Dance, and Avali means a Series, a Legend. Together making the meaning of a Series and a Legend of Dance out of Nrityavali.

Founded by India’s Ace Performing Artists, Mr. Bharat Bariya and Mr. Akshay Patel, Nrityavali, is an emotive creation of an Independent Dance Company.

Mr. Bharat Bariya – Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Trainer, Activist
A performing artist since he was 12, has dedicated his life to Dance and its various forms. His amazing skills, perfected over 30 years, have won him many accolades not only in India but also in many parts of the World.

Mr. Akshay Patel – Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Trainer, Activist
His flair for Dance led him to learn dancing at the age of 14. Performing and Teaching the Dance Arts across the world has been a passion for him bettered for almost two decades now. The constant process of learning & research has been his forte.

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