Dr Nishi Bhatt specialises in children’s psychoneurological and pain management disorders and Stanford University certified nutritionist. Qualified as a Dr of Acupuncture, Ayurveda and has gained certications from around the world in 14 different holistic therapies. Dr Nishi is a UK based Citizen who is providing her expertise in India – UK- Europe – USA – Canada . Her specialisation in Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy/seizures , traumatic injuries, dementia / Alzheimer’s has changed lives of many kids and adults around the world.

During her sabbatical- she travelled across India in 2010, during her travels, she noticed the lives of children with Neuro deformities was debilitating and painfully bitter. Families of these children were not given much options but to hide their children in four walls of the house. Dr Nishi started working with various communities to work on bringing awareness about working with children who faces Neuro challenges. Her research in field of natural healing and diet helped children live a life that raises their self worth and an identity. She has collected valuable data of these children from different villages across India.

Her research in this field has helped more than 40000 children around the world. Her seminars have been popular with Neuro experts across the globe. She is also well know for her social work in uplifting lives of children and women in India by providing skill training to care for children with Neuro limitations. It’s definitely the most result oriented method so far in bringing physical and cognitive changes in children with Neuro injuries.