Meet Luke Coutinho. The Wellness Champion at the forefront of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Fit India Movement, he practices integrative and lifestyle medicine. His transformative You Care Wellness Program over the last 13 years has had remarkable success in treating lifestyle conditions ranging from cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, to metabolic syndromes. His holistic approach goes beyond the ordinary to empower individuals to reshape their lifestyles while working with their medical teams. By addressing root causes rather than suppressing symptoms, the goal is to improve their quality of life. Luke has garnered accolades nationally and internationally and authored five national bestsellers, including the latest gem – Small Wins Every Day. Luke is not just changing lives; he’s inspiring a movement. His passion extends globally – as he trains, learns, and travels the world, connecting with patients, sharing his wisdom at events, and empowering people to build their most extraordinary lives.

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