Krishnapriya is a certified sacred sound, nada yoga teacher, intuitive, channel and Reiki master. Since February 2022 she has been living at Parmarth Niketan devoted to seva in its many forms, primarily focused on teaching, music, social media communications and the feeding and caring of street dogs.

Originally from the US, she graduated with a degree In Theater from the College of Charleston. Notably, in 1992 she toured the U.S. in the 25th Anniversary production of the Broadway show, HAIR. She has performed internationally as a singer and has recorded 5 blues and jazz CDs. In 2009, she founded and is the Chairwoman of The Dutch Blues Foundation, a not for profit volunteer-run organization that supports blues music and musicians in The Netherlands. The foundation has launched initiatives such as The Dutch Blues Challenge, the yearly Dutch Blues Awards, the Dutch Blues Hall of Fame and Blues in the Schools. In April 2020, the Dutch Blues Foundation will host the European Blues Challenge in The Netherlands.

In 2012, Krishnapriya began hosting About Oneness, on the Enlightenment Evolution Network, a weekly radio program focused on celebrating the ongoing conscious awakening of our planet and the realization of Oneness. Krishnapriya has been featured in several docu-series and radio programs such as The Kevin Moore Show, They Call us Channelers, and the Gaia TV show, Interview with E.D.

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