A Bhakti Yogi at heart, Prakashini ji (name meaning: that which radiates light) has close to 40 years of exposure to the mantras, rituals, philosophies and techniques of traditional vedic and yogic practices. The initial seeds of curiosity planted during her childhood years immersed in ashram spiritual living, continued to blossom throughout her life and career in Australia and around the world, in both traditional and modern healing sciences.

Prakashini ji has formal training and mentoring from industry experts across numerous fields including psychology and neuroscience, trauma healing, yoga, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and investment management. Her broad life and career experience serving in senior management capacity in modern day corporate and academic environments, is uniquely paired with her deep knowledge and long term practice of vedic and tantric wisdom – especially those of the Shiva and Shakti Tantras. She shares this wisdom and useful practical application in many trainings and workshops both at the Institute and on other global wellbeing platforms.

She is deeply dedicated to researching the original sources of ancient wisdom and sharing tools to access “that space within”: to self-heal and release chronic trauma. She shares especially on the use of ancient yogic tools of pranayama, kundalini and nada yoga, mantra chanting and Bhajans. Her soulful voice is able to take those listening deep into meditation and inner connection.

In addition to learning, teaching and sharing authentically sourced yogic techniques, she is especially dedicated to serving on women’s empowerment programs and leading sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives, most recently as a founding partner of Haldi Rani, Original Turmeric.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes.

It is possible to heal.

And it is possible to do it in this lifetime with the Universe’s grace.”


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