Sri H.S Arun is an internationally recognized Yoga teacher from Bangalore, India, who has been teaching yoga from the past 40 years. Currently, he teaches at his own yoga institute Prashant
Yogashraya, located in Jayanagar, Bangalore and also travels across India and other parts of the world to share his practice at various yoga institutes.

Born in Sringeri, Karnataka in 1954, Sri H.S. Arun was initiated into yoga by the late Sri S.Janakiraman at the Rashtrothana Shareerika Siksha Kendra, Bangalore in 1974. After two years of practice, he was cured of asthma and began teaching yoga at the same facility. In 1978, he was privileged to give a yoga class in the presence of Pujya Guruji Dr. Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, who instantly recognized that Sri H.S Arun had a unique blend of sincerity and passion in Yoga, following which Sri Arun had an opportunity to learn yoga at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune.

In 1984, Sri Arun started his own yoga institute Prashant Yogashraya at Jayanagar, Bangalore with the blessings of Guruji Dr. B.K.S Iyengar. Today, over 30 years later, the school continues,
and thousands of students cherish their yoga practice under the guidance of Sri Arun. Sri Arun takes a personal interest in every student he meets. He quickly assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each student and masterfully guides them according to their capabilities. He has developed his own way of sharing what he has learned from his guru and through many years of his own intensive practice.

Sri Arun teaches yoga in various parts of India. Sri Arun has been a regular senior teacher at the annual International Yoga festival in Rishikesh conducted by Govt. of Uttarakhand and Paramarth Niketan Ashram. Many of his teachings at the festival are available online at this URL He has also taught in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa,
Mysore and Haridwar.

Sri Arun has devoted students around the world, in South America (Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia), North America (United States of America), Europe (France, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, Italy and Germany), Asia (Israel, Hong Kong and Indonesia). Particularly with USA, Sri Arun spends months every year traveling across various states, teaching at several yoga institutes. After more than 40 years of yoga teaching experience — and with thousands of students around the world– Sri Arun decided to start a health and education institute dedicated to the study of yoga in the outskirts of the Bangalore city, at Ramanagara. He named it Prashant Yogashraya Ramanagara Center (PYRC), and it was inaugurated on November 2, 2016.His vision is to provide a path to healthier lifestyle by a commitment of high-quality teaching. Students come from around the world to the center to experience the wisdom of yoga as taught by one of its foremost practitioners.

Sri Arun has written and published more than 15 books in Kannada, to name a few- Yoga Darpana, Yoga Parichaya, Suryanamskara, Pranayama, Shala Makkalige Yoga, Yallara Aarogyakkagi, Atmarakshneygay Karate, Yogasanagalu, and Nitya Jeevandalli Yoga. Sri Arun is an important international spokesperson for yoga and has been interviewed by national and international media agencies. A One India article covers Sri Arun teaching and thoughts about Iyengar yoga and why it is culturally unique. He was also interviewed by Hindu in 2015, Somas magazine from Chile and Asana International yoga journal (United States). He was featured in the December 2014 issue of International Yoga Journal. Sri Arun was named one amongst 100 most inspiring yoga teachers in India in a survey conducted by

In 2014, Sri Arun released his most popular book to date, Experiment and Experience on the Chair The Yoga Way, which sold close to 2000 copies within six months of release. And, in response to its high demand, it is being translated in Spanish, French and Italian languages for publication.

For his dedication and service to the Yoga community, Sri Arun has been honored with the following awards:

  1. Yoga Praveena by RSS in the Year 1984
  2. Attimabbe Literature Award by Attimabbe Pratishtana Trust
  3. Yoga Sri by Bangalore Yoga Center the Year 2001
  4. Yoga Bhaskara by Goruru Prathistana in the Year 2001
  5. Rajya Prashasthi Award by the Government of Karnataka in the Year 2002 together with
    other eminent persons such as Dr. Devi Shetty, Dr. Kiran Majumdar and Nandan Nilekani.
  6. Adarsha Yogacharya by Lions Club in the Year 2002
  7. Social Service Award by Sri L.N. Dharma Samsthe in the Year 2002
  8. Swananda Kalasri by Swananda Ashrama in the Year 2013

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