Hikaru Hashimoto was born in Kyoto, Japan and graduated from the College of Law, Ritsumeikan University in 1974. He joined the Oki Yoga Dojo in Mishima, Shizuoka in 1973, and studied Oki yoga under Master Masahiro Oki. As an Oki yoga trainee in 1977, Hikaru became one of the founding members of the Osaka Tosabori Oki Yoga School, acting as a yoga instructor and school manager.
He has since helped lead Zen Yoga/Oki Yoga summer camps, as well as taught Oki Yoga in various areas in the Netherlands.

In 1992, Hikaru established the Japan Fitness Yoga Association in Meguro, through which he had started instructor training courses, and provided yoga instructor training for fitness instructors employed by a major sports club, including helping develop their yoga program. In a period of five year, Hikaru helped train over 500 yoga instructors working in 150 gyms.

Hikaru is currently actively working to popularize yoga in a variety of fields and conducting yoga instructor trainings. He has participated in the International Yoga Festival at Parmarth Niketan for over the past 10 years, providing instruction in the Japanese Shinto and Zen yoga styles.

Other current main activities include:
– Offering training for senior yoga instructors as a way of contributing to the aging society
– Offering uterine yoga as a collaboration with the Cervical Cancer NPO as a way to promote women’s health
– Offering yoga classes to nurseries, kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools as a way of promoting the overall health of children
– Popularizing yoga at government and regional centers to promote regional wellbeing and health
– Launching yoga classes aimed for business people as a way of contributing to company welfare programs

To this day, Hikaru has engaged and continues to engage in an exchange between India and Japan by bringing yoga and the millennia-old Indian wisdom to Japan, and likewise introducing the refined Japanese culture to India.

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