In times of conflict, the Gil Ron Shama Ensemble emerges as a beacon of hope, reminding us that amidst the chaos of war, music remains the noblest bridge between souls, bodies, nations, and diverse paths of life, culture, and faith. Rooted in the rich heritage of both Arabic and Hebrew traditions, Gil Ron Shama, a tireless advocate for peace, embodies the spirit of a warrior committed to harmony. Drawing from the profound wellsprings of Sufi and Kabbalistic wisdom, he leads the ensemble in a sacred journey towards universal peace at the International Yoga Festival.

Through their music, infused with the ancient scales of the Middle East and performed with traditional mastery, the ensemble invokes healing, centering, and a profound connection to our shared humanity. In this ceremonial ode to peace, their melodies resonate with the echoes of ages past, transcending boundaries and touching the depths of our collective soul. With every note, they offer a prayer—a prayer for unity, understanding, and the realization of a world where harmony reigns supreme.