Dr. Rao is the founder of ACT Yoga and is a highly acclaimed and inspiring name in the field of Yoga, holding a Ph.D. in Philosophy as well as multiple diplomas in Naturopathy and Yoga Education, and is a Yoga Chikatsa Acharya (Yoga Therapy Consultant). To date, he has conducted more than 23500 sessions all over the world in theoretical and practical Yoga. Dr. Rao has authored and co-edited several books besides publishing innumerable articles, and has recorded CDs for Yoga Nidra and Panchakosha Dharana, Yogic Counseling, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Samkhya Philosophy. He has served as Director of the Standing Academic and Accreditation Committee, Indian Yoga Association; Professor in Yoga & Philosophy at KKKSU and Mumbai University; Chief Advisor for Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute; and Yoga Expert for Yoga Certification Board. He was awarded the Yogaratna Award in 2021.