Originally a choreographer for rock music videos, Claire Missingham (Jahnavi Devi) has been teaching Yog for the past 24 years internationally. Originally trained in Mysore in Ashtanga Yog, she is certified in 3 varied teaching methods with Yog philosophy at the core – and continues academic research in placing historical context of Yog in modern lives. Claire’s teaching focuses on an inspirational fusion of asana, the Panca Pran and esoteric anatomy and the use of music as a somatic healing resource. Each class weaves the physical with pranayam, meditation, mantra and poetry.

Claire opened the UK’s first teacher training school for the Vinyasa method back in 2009. She has been featured in many Yoga Journal issues in the USA, was a resident teacher at Triyoga London for over 17 years. She created award winning Yog practice TV channels for Sky, and is a now a board trustee of Go Dharmic, fulfilling Seva in India and London, as well as leading and curating cultural Yog tours in India partnering with the Taj Hotel group to keep the roots of Yog alive in the West.

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