Anandra George is an internationally respected mantra teacher, sacred musician, and pioneer in the global yoga community, re-introducing the ancient science of sound as a fundamental wellbeing practice. She created the world’s first Yoga Alliance-registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training based entirely on the transformational power of sound — including Sanskrit, mantra, Indian classical vocal meditation, and compassionate communication for everyday life. She invites her students and audiences into the “heart of sound,” the Self that shines through music and mantra.

Anandra studies Hindustani classical music in New Delhi at the feet of master teacher Pandit Baldev Raj Verma of the Indore Gharana. Kirtan with Anandra is a heavenly experience of call and response mantra chanting set to Indian classical ragas. Anandra describes the experience as this:

“Beginning with the saturation in sacred sound with call-and-response raga singing on the Sanskrit vowel of ananda (bliss) shakti, A… then sing the names of the Beloved in simple melodies, gradually building to ecstatic intensity. When the raga has reached its fullness, the sound is dissolved back into the stillness of the void. We discover the worlds within worlds of each musical mood, within each mantric syllable, and release the nectar of your own uniquely sweet devotional voice”

Anandra is the founder and director of Mantras for Peace, a global collective service project. She is involved in the development of research projects focused on mental health and the positive effects of mantra, and supports several philanthropic initiatives focused on systemic women’s empowerment and perpetuating the universal healing treasures within Indian culture. She teaches online and offers retreats and teacher trainings worldwide, offering a globally relevant approach to the yoga of sound while maintaining heartfelt reverence for the sacred traditions.

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