Abuelo Antonio Oxté was born in Tzucacab, a Maya town in Yucatán, Mexico. When he was a young boy, his maternal grandmother initiated him in massage and healing. In his youth he obtained an undergraduate degree in social anthropology. At the same time, he entered the Mysteries of Freemasonry and obtained a philosophical degree. For the past 9 years he has lived in the ancient Maya village of Sisbicchén. Abuelo has a small clinic where he helps souls in the healing process. The healing occurs at different levels–the physical, emotional and soul. Rancho Yaaxdzonot is the sanctuary where he works and lives. His projects include reforesting and protecting wildlife. He shares in his work with his beloved companion Cynthia and all their friends–human and animal. Abuelo continues to work towards unity, respect and love with his fellow human beings, young and old.

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