Bharath Shetty was drawn to Yoga when he could recover from chronic asthma through its practice. While an accident with a bus in 1993, incapacitated his legs, through his recovery, he could experience the strength of his inner self, he believes was acquired through practice of Yoga. Since 1999, he one pointedly studied and trained with B.K.S.Iyengar and became a professional Yoga teacher.

Bharath founded the system called “IndeaYoga” which means “inner light”. The practice evolved with series of practices under the name of ‘IndeaYoga’ that brings about coordination between body breadth and mind.

Presently managing a training center at Mysore in South India, he has trained 500+ teachers around 60+countries. He has also conducted workshops and retreats in Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, UAE, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia and Netherland, Austria, Australia and America and many cities of India and actively travels on invitation round the world, three-four times a year.

The Corporates benefited through his training include- Union Bank of Switzerland, Google, Wipro, Oracle, ANZ Information Technologies, and Theorem.

Bharath is also managing a Trust ‘Indea Foundation Charitable Trust’ which provides education scholarships to under privileged students.

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