Ayu Laksmi is one of the most important artist in Indonesia. Ayu Laksmi was born into a musical family in Singaraja, Bali on November 25, 1967. Ayu started singing at the age of 4 and never stopped performing since. She is a very active member of the local entertainment community and performed at numerous festivals and events in Bali and throughout Indonesia.

Ayu is a self taught artist – entertainer, vocalist and dancer. As with all creative beings, she strives to achieve perfection, so she is constantly developing and honing her artistic skills, especially as song writer and composer. Combining an exotic beauty with a special character of voice, Ayu Laksmi is able to connect interacting naturally with theatrical gesture in her performances. She is known for her innovations in combining traidtional customs with new melodies, without changing the traditional principles.

Before touching the world music stage, Ayu Laksmi explored many kinds of music genres, such as pop, ballad, rock, blues, jazz, and latin. Laksmi was also part of many kinds of music groups, such as the Ayu Sisters, Labaronk, Soul Island, Tropical Transit, Nyanyian Dharma, and others.

Since she was young, Laksmi was passionate about creating original works. Many experiences have increased her musicality and all her works are getting richer. She concocts music idioms from the culture of archipelago,dressing in positive lyrics inspired by local benevolence.

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