Dr. Yuva Dayalan grew up in an unorthodox Hindu Family where the science of spirituality and discipline was practiced as a daily part of the lifestyle. This former International badminton player (ranked 2nd in India), was forced to stop playing due to an attack of pneumonia. He took up yoga seriously as a therapy to cure himself.

He immersed himself in intense study and practice of the classical eight limbs of yoga after meeting his guru Dr.T.A.Krishnan. He then started winning many national titles and International yoga competitions.

Under the training by his mentor and coach Dr. Kannan Pugalazendi, he completed the N.I.S ( Higher Degree Certificate in Teaching Yoga ) with first class honors from the sports Authority of India. He completed his Phd in Thanulogy (varmam science) and holds three master Degree Msc comp, Msc yoga, M.B.A with P.G. dip in Fitness Management, Sports& Exercise Nutrition (Hong Kong). At a very young age, Yuva was able to handle classes for medical students, corporate sector, cricket stars, Badminton and sports academics, police officials, Indian cine stars and the celebrities.

He started his career in Hong Kong as a professional Yoga Master where he learn the art of innovations and started designing classes for various sports & doing workshops in Asia.

He is the founder of Yuvaa yoga, a television Actor and conducts teacher training courses & work Shops through the Yuva School Of Yoga. Dr. Yuva Dayalan also organizes INTERNATIONAL YOGA CHAMPIONSHIPS, has established his own Badminton Brand (DAYAL) and runs his own Sports Academy.

He also continues to practice his martial arts such as Kalari, Taichi, Ikbudo.

www.yuvaayoga.com, www.internationalyogachampionships.com, www.dayalssports.com, www.dayalsportsacademy.com

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