Surekha Sengupta is the founder of Aatmvishkaar Past Life Regression Research & Training Center, which has trained several PLR therapists and conducted session for more than 2,000 people since its inception in 2010.

Surekha’s presentation on ‘Xeneglossia in Past Life Regression’ presented new techniques to get direct validations for past life memories through linguistic means.

She has been a presenter at prestigious spiritual conferences such as the SRTA Convention 2013, UK, PLRC 2 by ARRR, 2013 and the International Yog Festival 2014, Rishikesh. She has presented this therapy at Dubai yoga festival 2014. With articles in spiritual magazines and discussion on television, Surekha has been taking this powerful therapy to the masses. She has also been conducting research in the use of PLR to heal cancer in children.

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