Śhūnya’s Couch is a collaborative, founded by Sophia and Drow, who’s mission is to share with the world their passion for healing – through The Sacred Sciences, Sound Healing and Superfoods. Since late 2016 they have been hosting weekly Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies (Sacred Chocolate/Kundalini Yoga/Ecstatic Dance/Sound Healing) and twice-weekly Tantra-Kundalini Yoga Classes at Sattva Yoga Rishikesh.

Shunya’s Couch’s practicioners are Yoga Alliance registered, certified in Tantra Yoga and Mindful Nutrition with The Durga Tiger School of Tantra Yoga and Shamanism in Ecuador. They each received a professional sound healing certification from 3rd Generation Singing Bowl Grand Master Healer, Shree Krishna Shai in Nepal. Their time in South America deeply influenced their style, thus all their ceremonies and Sound Healings carry a Shamanic influence. Prior to joining forces to become Śhūnya’s Couch, Sophia studied Subtle Energy Medicine at the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London, and Drow spent 15 years as a musician and studied Dr. Joesph Micheal Levry’s Naam- Kundalini.

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