Tears of joy. Goosebumps. A heart wide open. When mantras sound through The Love Keys, devotion becomes tangible. Aleah Gandharvika’s voice is like a crystal clear mountain stream, while Ben Vogt creates soundscapes to take off with.

The Love Keys have given over 1000 mantra events in 15 countries in the past 9 years. They have organized tours with the U.S. kīrtan duo SHANTALA (Heather & Benjy Wertheimer), U.S. Kuṇḍalinī Yoga singer JAI-JAGDEESH, the Australian mantra musician KEVIN JAMES CARROL, U.S. kīrtaniya ADAM BAUER and U.S. singer TINA MALIA.

They offer kīrtans, mantra yoga classes and bhakti yoga immersions worldwide and have played at festivals like the Bali Spirit Festival, Yogafestival Berlin, the Barcelona Yoga Conference, Sound & Silence festival on Corfu and many others.


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