Sheela Bringi and Brent Kuecker have been performing & teaching together globally for the past five years, sharing the sacred Indian musical practices of rāga, kīrtan and mantra. They started the Sacred Sound Lab in Sept 2020, from the basement of their home just outside of Boulder, CO. Since then, people from all around the world have enrolled in their online courses, and are making progress with their harmonium & devotional singing… and having fun doing it!

Sheela Bringi is a sacred music performer, educator and multi-instrumentalist, and adjunct faculty in Indian Devotional & Rāga Singing at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Brent Kuecker is a devotional singer, bass player, videographer, and has taught Yoga & Meditation for the past 20 years. Sheela and Brent are students of master Hindustani vocalist Sri Subhashish Mukhopadyay (a topmost exponent of the Kotali Gharana).

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