Naadiyoga has cared for around 40,000 patients in last 15 years with debilitating pain and helped them to leave a healthy lifestyle and are able to do their everyday task.We specialize in providing total individualized patient care with love and compassion. People who come to us feel at home and want to come back because they know we are taking exceptional care of them. We get to the source of your problem so you can reach your goal. Our body is just not a simple physical mass but is an intricate energy field with points of power through which both physiological and physiological state can be made efficient. Naadiyoga technique is part of a greater ‘sacred physiology that maps out the body according to subtle energy current and power point. Our body, just as Earth has its sacred sites and energy current according to sacred geography. Dr Ashish Gilhotra and Dr Nishi Bhatt have both learned this sacred geography of human body to attune with patient’s body to the earth and the greater cosmos. Dr Ashish adds a new dimension of insight of balance and Dr Nishi Bhatt add harmony that taps into the current of vitality and creativity within and around the patient environment to bring fast relief from any symptoms.

At Naadiyoga there are various therapies that are combined together to bring results according to the diagnoses. Each therapy has its own modulations and system that is particularly decided for the diseases of the patient. We are very proud to combine the eastern and western methods to bring faster results. Dr Ashish Gilhotra and Dr Nishi Bhatt has been awarded with many awarded such as young achievers award, innovative thinkers award, Best Dr award for natural therapy, Uttrakhand Yoga Awards, Baba RamDevji recognition awards and many more.

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