Humanist, Citizen of the Earth, Visionary, Vibrational Healer, Social Entrepreneur, Well being and spirituality advisor, music therapist, water Protector, Promoter of a Culture of Peace, the Rights of Mother Nature and the Rights of the Rivers.

Founder and Co-Creator of Xicome (Music Festival to promote Peace, and President of the Institute of Music and Healing Arts for Peace (NGO). Co-founder Rios Vivos Atoyac Xicome (Rivers Alive) and the Integrative Medicine and Holistic Healing Forum & Festival.

Michelle went from an amazing career in production, public relations and communication from the likes of global brands such as Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Louis Vuitton to set up a boutique agency for luxury brands like Emporio Armani, Mini Cooper, Habita Hotels, H Stern. Becoming also a well known DJ in the house music scene. Her love for music and its power started at a young age.

In 2004 Michelle went through an important life experience making her reflect and decide that her knowledge and experience could be applied to benefit society on a social level and for the evolution of Humanity. Thus she commenced to explore the indigenous cultures and their profound wisdom.

​During these years, she had the honor of walking with different wisdom keepers and Elders from distinct tribes and indigenous cultures, receiving initiations in Shamanic teachings. Michelle underwent a personal self-evolution process and have been studying techniques related to Holistic and Integrative medicine. She received a degree as a Humanistic Musictheraphist, Reiki master, SoundTouch Therapist, Sweat Lodge facilitator, integrating Eastern and Western World practices.

​Michelle has spent many years in the study of energy, vibration, sound, music and consciousness, acknowledging that science and spirituality, music and medicine are complementary and belong to a higher level of technology.

Michelle specializes in the art of the singing bowls and Sacred sounds with her own research linking humanistic music therapy and sound therapy and the teachings of ancient civilizations. Sharing sounds, frequencies and vibrations to awaken the memory of our connection with the Divine integrating and expanding awareness for the development of human potential reaching the deep space of the Self to raise the vibration based on universal Love.

Her spiritual and human development process is based on her personal path of life, living, learning, walking, risking, falling, evolving, changing, experiencing and accepting myself in order to live in respect and in love with and for all our relations.

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