Mert Güler is a well-known Yoga teacher, meditative guide and lecturer in Turkey.  Being influenced by the teachings and the mystical beliefs of Rumi, Mert Güler, emphasizes inner awareness and a feeling of completion in his seminars, drawing inspiration especially from the meditational works and experiences he has received through Rumi’s teachings.

For his master’s degree (MA), he has done unique scientific research on “The Effects of Yoga Excercises on Wellness and Quality of Employees Life”.  He conducts seminars at  universities, private institutions and Governmental foundations to contribute to the beneficial development of Yoga and Meditation.

Mert Güler periodically visits the traditional yoga-meditation centers and retreats of India.  He also makes researches related to Sufism in the motherland – Konya, the city of Whirling Dervishes.

As well as being the founder of “Mert Güler Classical Yoga and Awareness Development Centers” in Istanbul, he also owns a retreat in Prince’s Islands, where he also lives.  He organizes Yoga – Sufi Camps for private groups in Prince’s Island and in the City of Rumi, Konya.

With his meditative studies and heart sharings, Mert Güler continues to raise awareness and devotes himself to smile and to make others smile.,

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