Marcy Baruch (bah-Roosh) walks this world as a dynamic musical artist, workshop facilitator, vocal coach, and sacred song leader. Her music is born of one soul mission: to remind us of the wondrous magnificence of who we truly are.

Brimming with generous award-winning songs such as “This Inner Space,” Marcy’s third CD, The Strength of Love, has served as a catalyst of remembrance and transformation in the lives of many.

Called to serve the evolution of consciousness into the birthing of a new era, she is currently creating bodies of music designed to empower us not only individually, but also in communities of We as we move together as a force for good in service to our one shared life.

Her intimate mastery of deep listening births exquisite harmonies that have graced over 50 studio recordings. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Marcy co-leads “Igniting the Fire of the Heart,” a Chant & Kirtan event. She is also deeply passionate about teaching voice in workshops, one-on-one, and currently online. What is truest within us is needed by this beautiful world.

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