Gayan Gregory Long is a Maker of Music, Weaver of Words, and Ignitor of Entheos. He is an acclaimed drummer, retreat leader, story teller, spiritual mentor, kirtan leader, composer, and music producer. Gayan has been leading and accompanying devotional music and spiritual retreats since 1991 in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, India, Thailand, and Switzerland. He has appeared on fifty-five recording projects including his own Padma Thunder and When Two or More are Gathered recordings. He has accompanied Girish, Wah!, Donna DeLory, David Newman, Dave Stringer, and a host of others for live events and festivals. Through collaborations with electronic musicians Emancipator and the Desert Dwellers his music has transcended genres and generations. His nine trips to Russia have inspired the creation and continuation of an annual “Drums for Peace” festival which attracts thousands of participants annually. Gayan has dedicated his life to awakening human potential through music, devotional practices, pith teachings, and community celebration.

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