Bharat Mitra is a spiritual entrepreneur, whose visionary work manifests in many forms, including business, philanthropy, community co-creation and loving seva. In 1990 Divine Grace brought him to the feet of his master, Sri H.W.L. Poonja, Papaji, whom he has been inspired by and devoted to ever since.

Bharat Mitra speaks globally on Humanity, Consciousness and Sustainability in Business. He is the Founder of ORGANIC INDIA, a regenerative and wholly ethical company which from its beginnings has been guided by its mission to be a Vehicle of Consciousness in the world. ORGANIC INDIA is now a thriving, profitable business that works with thousands of small farmers across India, nourishing land, communities and livelihoods, producing a diverse range of organic Tulsi teas and wellness products retailed in over 30 countries.

Bharat Mitra is Founder of UPLIFT, Core Partner and Director of Peninsula Hotsprings (Australia), Core Partner in Gold Lake Retreat (USA), President of the Bet Lev Foundation (USA), and Chairman of the Lev Group (Israel).

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