Aleah Gāndharvikā is a mantra singer, Heart of Sound yoga teacher after Anandra George and Śakta Śaiva Tāntrika. She has been singing in choirs and bands since 1988 and toured worldwide for 10 years with Ben Vogt as The Love Keys. Since April 2020 she is a student of Christopher Hareesh Wallis at the Tantrika Institute. It is her life’s task to bring the world of mantras closer to people in a transformative way through the sacred sound.

Jess Ambā is a kīrtanīya, healing artist, meditation teacher and a Heart of Sound yoga teacher after Anandra George. She is deeply fascinated by tracing the silence and the sound back to its essence. Her teachers Za Rah Kumara and Hansu Jot initiate her in the field of Meditative Healing, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing. She is a student of Indian Classical Music with a master of the trade, Supriyo Dutta from Calcutta, India. In 2018 she founded SING.HEAL.GROW and since then has taken people on a journey to themselves with her warm-hearted and authentic manner.

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