Acharyar Sennimalai Kalimuthu is a 68-year-old agriculturist who lives with his family in Kanjampatti village in Tamil Nadu. Acharyar has immense research experience in Mathematics, Physics, Cosmology, Spiritual philosophies, traditional medicine and Yoga for the last 35 years.

Acharyar has solved a 2300-year-old “Euclid’s fifth postulate problem” which is one of the mathematical impossibilities which has been published by international peer reviewed journals. He has also published scientific papers on Space Power, Space Bombs, Lion’s Tonic, and works in spiritual sciences and yoga.

Acharya Sennimalai Kalimuthu after understanding and imbibing the “Lemurrian Yoga theories” from various masters has put together the yoga practice to be disseminated to the world by Dr Siddharth AMR Kalingarayar of Zamin Uthukuli.

LEMURRIYAN YOGA is a unique yogic practice, formulated nearly 32000 years ago by Tamil Siddars of the ancient Lemuria Kaandam. It is a very simple, yet profound way to connect to the depthless state of your being. The Lemurrian Yogic practice is a carefully curated program comprising of gentle stretches, breathing techniques and meditation.

According to Lemurrian seers, every action/movement is a yogic practice. Movement and breathing are interlinked. Movements of the body influence the speed and counts of the breath. Slower the movement-lesser the speed and counts of breathing. This yogic practice is essentially designed to also prepare the physical body for meditation by removing the restlessness at the physical level.

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