Sharmila Bhartari is a classical Odissi dancer and disciple of late Protima Bedi. Sharmila Bhartari, hailing from West Bengal, is also a theatre personality and a social worker who uses her art forms for the conservation of Indian culture and environment. Residing in Dehradun, she currently teaches performing arts – dance, drama and ballets – to various schools and groups. Bharati’s ballets are a creative fusion of classical dance and drama with music and poetry. These ballets improvised from classical Indian dance and contemporary forms depict diverse historical and modern environmental themes in ways relevant to the present time.

Sharmila Bhartari’s dance group is called Mohini, a team of dedicated classical dancers from the fields of Odissi, Kathakali and folk dances. Mohini’s performances have been able to generate awareness in the public on various subjects related to our Indian culture, environment and heritage.

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