Pujya Swami Madhavpriyadasji Swami, as a disciple of P.P. Sadguru Shastriji Maharaj Shree Dharamjeevandasji Swami, the founder of Rajkot Gurukul, completed his Gurukul studies in the year 1968 at Rajkot Gurukul and completed the higher studies of Vedantacharya at Sampoornanand Sanskrit University – Varanasi with 6 gold medals and 6 silver medals, in the 1977.

Swamiji has played a vital role in the education field & development of Rajkot Gurukul and its branches. The SGVP school and traditional Sanskrit Mahavidyalay at Ahmedabad are the first ones in India to receive an American Accreditation as an International school and Sanskrit college respectively. It is his inspirations and active efforts which expanded the social services of Gurukul to the far and remote rural areas for the welfare of needy people.

Swamiji has been awarded numerous awards and titles, and has visited many countries of America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. He has participated in numerous international conferences, including the World Religious conference in United Nations in the millennium year 2000, the World Hindi Conference at United Nations in July 2007. In context with the Inter faith religions conference, Swamiji participated in the conferences at Delhi, Jerusalem, USA and Cambodia as a representative of Hindu Dharm Acharya Sabha.

Through the inspiration and efforts of Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami approximately thousand check dams have been constructed in water scarcity areas of Saurashtra, Katchh. Thousands of trees are planted and protected to maintain the ecological balance. The relief and rehabilitation works are carried out to face the natural calamities such as earth quake, flood etc. To create religious harmony Swamiji has conducted hundreds of religious, spiritual and cultural discourses all over the world.


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