Indra Udayana will be presenting the beautiful and divine musical showcase at IYF 2015 “Bali-India Sangam:  Sacred Art from the Paradise Island of Bali.”

Agus Indra Udayana is the Founder and Chairman of Ashram Gandhi Puri in Bali, bringing the work of Gandhi into Balinese culture and study programs. He has a degree in economics from the University of Udayana and a post graduate master course on Gandhian Studies in Institute of Gandhian Studies, Maharashtra, India.

Agus Indra Udayana has been actively engaged for the last decade in promoting Gandhian values in Indonesia through his ashrams in Bali and Lombok, based on the principles of non-violence, truth and humanitarianism. He participates in various national and international forums on nurturing democracy, religious harmony through inter-faith dialogue, education, and involvement of youth in activities promoting Gandhian values.

He has held numerous positions in global youth work of the United Religion Initiative, is active in the Action for Peace and Interfaith Movement, has served as a chairman of the Indonesia-India Fellowship Foundation, a partner with Parliament of World Religions, and was a Trustee for the Global Councils of United Religions Initiative. He is currently the Vice President of South East Asia Hindu Youth, and serves on the Wisdom Councils of United Religions. He is actively involved in seminars, workshops and conferences in Indonesia and abroad.

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