Chandra Mohan Bhandari, a former career diplomat and Ambassador of India to Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Poland and Lithuania, is a Master in Physics from IIT, Kanpur (1970) who served in India’s Diplomatic Services during 1974-2009. He has been a Yogi all his life, which has given him an enviable insights into practical applications of Vedic Sciences. What endears him to his audiences is his down-to-earth ways of explaining the intricacies of Yog and Ayurved sciences from personal experiences that go beyond the physical postures and breathing and introduce the subtle and consciousness level engineering and biochemical process taking place all the time in the “Saptadhaatu, Panchkosh and three-level body”. Getting this understanding, experience and clarity about the three personalities constantly active determine the holistic health, wellness and happiness of each individual.

Ambassador Bhandari was in residence at Parmarth Niketan for two years (2010-12). Thereafter, he has been engaged in transforming his native village Mawra in Ranikhet, Almora into a Yog Ayurved destination and hosts Yog retreats there. He also runs a high profile Yog Ayurved Center in Poland ( He has several books to his credit, including the celebrated 3-Volume series on Yog titled ‘Yog Shakti’ that is no less than an Encyclopedia on the Yog Science. The other notable works are ‘Saving Angkor’ on Cambodia’s ancient Hindu temples (1996, now out of print) and ‘A Jouney to Heaven: Kailas Mansarovar’ (1998, second edition now available, coffee table).

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