Chandanni Miglino is an International role model for Femininity, Individuality and Whole Health. She facilitates retreats and festivals all over the world. She is the Founder of and creator of SUBMERGED YOGA AND MEDITATION, an infused and inspired yoga and mediation style.

She was born and raised in London, England. She is of Iranian descent and lives in Los Angeles, California. Chandanni is also an artist, a public speaker, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic Practitioner ( and a certified Osho Meditation facilitator. She is the Founder of (, an online blog site celebrating conscious traditions of the East and West. You can see some of her work on the ‘WeBeFree Channel’ on Youtube.

She is currently the Co-Founder and Director of the Divine Shakti Festival ( just inaugurated at the Purna Kumbha Mela in January, 2013, India. Her life’s work is to re-define the role of women and men in the 21st Century and to promote peace and well- being, encouraging awareness and unity for all. Chandanni currently lives in Southern California with her husband and four children.

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